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The revolution of information technology has made it a constant “need” in everyday life. From getting messages across to running complete businesses the world revolves around IT devices. To keep up with the increasing pace of lifestyle demands and communications it is imperative that computers are well-maintained on the software and hardware fronts.

At IT custom solutions, our experts understand that finding a local all-solutions service is the need of the people looking for computer repairs Sydney. This is why offering a reliable, trustworthy and efficient service is our priority. We value the effect of exceptional customer service and high-quality standards.

If you are searching for Laptop repairs Sydney, we are glad to inform you that we are in the business of catering to all the services a laptop repair entails. This encompasses any damage to the physical components of the laptop as well as installing updated hardware and replacing or repairing the damaged bits. In short, we are the clinic you bring your damaged laptops to; we have a solution for your laptops from the oldest to the latest models and makes. Whether you are sporting a MAC, an apple or a personalized computer, our repair times are quick and effective for each.

Located at st, Telopea 2117 in Sydney, IT custom solutions offers expert services for Data backup recovery Sydney. Our goal is to cater to the local clientele with real-time data backups, recovery as well as restoration. Especially, for businesses data loss can mean financial loss and we understand the importance of information flow and data loss can interrupt that, causing operational and monetary loss. This is why we have designed on site and other lab recovery solutions for our customers. There can be a number of reasons for data loss including, hardware failures and files being deleted, at ITcustomsolutions we understand the reliability of hardware storage devices and the potential of important information being transferred to the recycle bin, this is why we have experts trained to draw lost data from hardware and software sources alike.

Expert computer technicians Sydney can be found right under our domain to provide with a number of services such as data recovery and restorations, laptop and computer repairs, internet security services, wifi and other internet services, printer repairs and other electrical services. A one-stop solution where experts are committed to providing services that speak for themselves. Our demographic is the city of Sydney and we put in the expertise required to meet the demands of any customers searching for IT-based solutions.

If you are looking for solutions such as computer virus removal Sydney or in the surrounding, we can promise a clean and bug-free computer just-in-time. We employ cost-effective tools and scanners to remove the parasites infecting your computer and technology systems. Besides this, we make it a priority to provide future solutions that can keep the system virus-free for as long as possible. Adverts, add-ons, and browsing tools are not always just what they appear to be, we prefer to provide tools that help your computer stay protected while you carry on with the regular activities on your device.

Besides this, electrical repairs Sydney are also the need of our demographic that we fulfill. To make the most out of your computer you need the connectivity and other electrical connections to work properly and without any hazard. This is what we are here for; repairing interfaces, USB portal and other connectivity related devices is our job. We employ diagnostics that facilitate our operations in locating any faulty circuits, wires, and ports that may be causing electrical problems while you use your devices.

This also includes any problems that you may be facing with the hardware or software of your printer. Looking for printer repairs Sydney? Look no further. At Itcustomsolutions, expert technicians look into the fundamentals of your printer’s hardware and its connectivity to your computer. We install the correct drivers required to establish a link between your PC and laptop so that printing is only a command away.  In addition to these services we also provide repair for your printers no matter what the model, manufacturer or make of the product you are using.

To find the quickest solutions for all your printer, electrical and computer-related needs contact us through our website I.T. Custom Solutions or reach us at 0404 293251.


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Computer Repairs Sydney

Why You Might Need a Custom Computer

May 26, 2017

At IT Custom Solutions, we don’t just install hardware, remove viruses and assist our customers with data recovery and backup. We’re also passionate about creating custom-built computers that are specifically designed to suit each of our clients’ individual needs. With


Michael Was, Excellent, Prompt, Great & Friendly.
- Bart
We have been using ITCS for over 3 years, They are consistent with their Integrity and their professionalism. These guys are Amazing!
- Peter Cipolla “”
Friendly, efficient, highly competent and professional. A Man you can trust. The gremlins in your machine will be quaking in their boots as soon as Michael walks through your door!
- Neil Hall
Thank you, Michael was great, friendly, polite and helpful  
- Deidre O’Rourke
I am one of their regular customers and they have helped me a lot with repairs and troubleshooting problems. They are very skillful and are pocket-friendly.
- Melissa Norman
I wasn’t sure of their services but when I called them for setting up my Wi-Fi device, they made a prompt appointment and within 2 hours, they completed their work. Their rates were very reasonable also!
- George Gomes
We needed an expert and I.T. Custom Solutions looked after that! The printer setup was so quick and simple that I didn’t have to worry about it. Thanks a lot!
- Amelia Dempsey
I had bought their custom computer last year and it’s working great…the latest graphics card along with the features make this custom computer an amazing device. I am quite satisfied. Patrick Wallaby
- Patrick Wallaby